Eclipse T17RS

Classic Series

T17RS – 17″ Classic Series2018-05-16T14:54:24-04:00

T17RS – 17″ Classic Series

Key Features

  • Size: 17’’ touchscreen LCD monitor
  • Dual touch interface: USB + RS232 Serial
  • Dual video output: VGA + DVI

The Eclipse™ T-Series LCD touchscreen monitors are designed with a variety of available interfaces to respond to today’s demanding POS market and adjust to your specific connectivity needs.

Offering an excellent view-size for customer-display and customer interaction in self-service deployment, the Eclipse™ T17R is a 17’’ LCD touchscreen monitor featuring a VGA + DVI video output as well as dual-touch interface, USB and RS232 Serial. The choice of available interfaces and video output makes this unit a versatile product that easily adapts to whatever project or POS need you may have: Simply use what is the most convenient for your solution !

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