C410 Cash-Drawers

Classic Series 16'' (410mm)

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C410 Cash-Drawers Classic Series

Key Features

  • Classic make and style for entry-level unit
  • Sturdy Metal bill-clips
  • Choice of two sizes: 410mm or 460mm
  • Choice of opening: Automated (printer kick-off) or manual-push-button
  • Choice of US (5 bills x 8 coins) or Canadian (4 bills x 8 coins) money trays
  • Comes standard with printer cable (automatic models) and micro-switch

lassic cash drawer with standard features

The Eclipse™ C410 and C460 Classic cash drawers are offered in a variety of options such as US 5×8 (C410-5B8C / C460-5B8C) or Canadian 4×8 (C410-4B8C / C460-4B8C) cash trays, and automatic or manual push-button (-M). Built of quality metal, our Classic-Series cash drawers come standard with sturdy metal bill-clips, micro-switch to detect open/close and an industry-standard printer cable for automated drawer open from printer kick-off. Some models are offered with manual push-buttons as well.

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